Retro Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watch

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  • Mechanical: Hand-winding
  • Case Material:Metal
  • Daily water resistance (not for showering and swimming).
  • Weight:0.067Kg/2.39OZ

Instructions to set time: 

  • Open the watch: 
  • Press the crown at the top of watch, the front plate will open. 
  • Setting time: 
  • Pull the crown away from base of the watch and turn the crown clockwise until reaching the exact time. 
  • Winding the watch: 
  • Push the crown back into place along the base of the watch and winding up the watch clockwise rotation with 20 times. Please do not over winding up the watch if you feel the crown is tight.


  • Chain Length:14.17"(36cm)
  • Case Diameter:1.83"(4.66cm)
  • Case Thickness:0.57"(1.44cm)
Package includes
  • 1pc pocket watch